The Beautiful Female

Good morning

The beautiful female

I love,adore and respect the female. As a male warrior it is my duty to protect and honour her..the compassion,softness,beauty and her ferocity without question.

truly beautiful females have the above traits in abundance, and are capable of using then in a wonderful balanced way, and they are aware that their male counterparts are dedicated to them and therefore respect them and do not abuse that loyalty.

I am very lucky, I have a loving,caring and compassionate wife,who unknowingly has all the beautiful female traits in abundance, she is my life and i am honoured to be dedicated to her.

It saddens me that so many females of today have drifted away from their beautiful feminine self-it is the healing softness and compassion of femininity that our world needs today, and I can only ask that woman step forward once again and align with their true have a long way to go in understanding females and the female ways , but they can only learn from balanced, fair ,compassionate and loving females.

So all you beautiful females out there take up the mantle and with your male counterparts help aid the worlds healing. gods feminine  spirit and energy is for us all to embrace.

most men i know in the UK read the Daily mail..I read the daily femail

god bless


Kindest Regards


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