The Importance of Duplicity


The importance of duplicity.

In trance the other day it came to me how important it is for us to become aware of our presence in the spirit realms while co-existing in the 3D reality of man.This dual state of awareness I call the state of duplicity. It is simply the ability of being able to carry our your everyday duties in life your family,running your own business etc.while at the same time being ever aware,of what is happening beyond this in the spirit realms.

In this dual state you become more flexible in what you do,as you are almost instantly able to receive any relevant information that comes via your link to these other realms. An indication of being in the state of duplicity is when you can clearly feel you are hovering around in your day-to-day life environments doing what you need to do better than normal,and yet remain  strangely detached from things.Like being outside watching from a distance without judgement and emotion.

The more you can reach this incredible mode of consciousness,the better. You gradually become a fringe dweller and you bypass the constant barrage of control and disinformation that is directed at us by the forces of darkness.You will become clearer in thought,humbler and your awareness and vision will expand dramatically.

Let me finish by saying there are more people floating out there on the fringes than we realise,you are not a freak or alone,indeed you may well become part of what we all really are.It is of vital importance now with all the turmoil and life changing events that are happening or about to happen, that we become fringe dwellers,..perhaps then more folk then we think will make it to the fast approaching summit of a new dawn.

Take care and of course have fun.

Kindest Regards




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