The Tube


The Tube

There is a tube. It leads us to another place. Out of here. Mostly up although not straight. An energy vortex to heaven. Tight cramped and seemingly endless. Downwards it leads to the hell worlds. Our ehteric soul can seek and find. The strong make it to the end.

Here your energy stretches. Free at last of the controlling matrix. A journey well worth making. Blinding light. Pitch black. Variable multi-coloured flecks. The tube in its confines has it all. It is scary,uncomfortable and weird. Wonderful, exciting and awe-inspiring.

A near death experience. It cleanses your soul. It is one path. A road. A map.It takes you nearer to God. Travel fast. Travel slow. Sometimes travel not at all. A voyage. A Trip. A vaccation.A ride. A elevator skywards.A cylinder.A pipe. A round is all of these..make the journey and it will change your life.

No country in the world has a tube network like this…I do love trains though.

Take care

have fun

Kindest Regards



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