Positivity is an overused misleading term used a lot by the so-called “new Age movement”. It has no real purpose except to keep us trapped in an idealistic world of constant good..even when there are bad things out there that actually happen.

Being positive is an ok thing if used correctly..it is almost impossible to be totally positive all the time. In order to evolve you have to be aware of the darkness that exists, if you try to remain in this so-called state of positivity you begin to live in denial of the truth..we are beings of polarity..ying/yang good/bad ..positive/negative, light/dark..everything has to be accepted and incorporated into yourself..if you deny the dark you can never move on..in fact it will swallow you up in the end.

By allowing your own darkness recognition and acceptance you can then use the  energy of positive light and thought to diminish its hold over you and use its power to protect you from the  negative and dark forces that are thrown at you externally..the more inner dark you negate within your self..the more that dark protects you..but it can only happen when you fully accept the darkness within yourself..a simple positive attitude will not deal with your own dark issues. and will not miraculously turn them into light or make them disappear .

When however backed by acceptance and acknowledgement and forgiveness, they become part of your light and can no longer dictate your life…, accept darkness as part of creation, don’t deny it, that is true positivity.

I read a lot and I write a lot..of that I am positive.

Toodle Loo

Pip Pip

Take care

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2 thoughts on “Positivity

  1. GG: Thanks for this. I totally agree. In TCM 5 Elements theory, there is a wheel of emotions; we are meant to circle the wheel, not stay in one feeling forever, as our society tells us we should (the upbeat, joy one). Our dark sides will come out whether we acknowledge them or not, & if not, they come out sideways in all kinds of weird & wonderful ways such as physica illness, affairs, whateever.

    Ellen Besso
    http://spiritualityandchangingconsciousness.wordpress.com/ &

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