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The US debt  according to as of 13.oo hrs today is a staggering $15,208,317,500 and rising at approx $2,000 per second.

This as put the US at breaking point and a financial meltdown is inevitable. The national karma for the US has been overconsumption,greed and world dominance for years-collaspe and breakdown must follow-Obama will fall..The American military  only a week or so ago went into Mexico to keep an eye on the oil, there is a clip on you tube showing this.. The government is investing billions of much-needed funds into military drone technology and production. They have been caught spying on Somalia, they support Israel without question.

The federal reserve is a privately owned organisation, which means america does not even own its own currency..Ben Beneke the director or whatever of this organisation prints  money to order at a huge cost to american taxpayers-yet through quantitive easing gives the financial institutions and banks etc billions of dollars in cheap loans. Young Americans have fought and are fighting and dying in wars that are in effect fought to protect Israel and the oil..while the “ordinary people”of America are being ever more squeezed and controlled..and these so-called leaders blatantly pledge allegiance to god upon taking office “In god We trust” is their motto..using this as a tool to attack and slander Islam and muslims..soon the truth about 9/11 will emerge..and when the american populace learn that it was instigated by their very own government, it should become very interesting.


Does this sound like a god faring nation?..certaintly not from my understanding and perspective  of god, jesus, and spirit. America goes to the polls this year..all the candidates are Zionist controlled and financed except Ron Paul-this one man could if elected take america back from the brink-maybe not?-but at least the American people deserve to give this politician a chance-because they are a sinking nation,that is falling apart, and he may just turn it around.  USA= Under Satan Administration.

I love americans as people and I am not yank-ing your chain.

God bless

Take care

Kindest Regards





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