Silence inThe Library


Silence in the Library.

I love libraries,particularly when they are not at there busiest.They are a place where you can not only get away from the noise of the outside world,but also a place where you can learn and get knowledge. It is a place where silence is expected and everybody who goes there knows this.

Respect is an important spiritual trait ,so people who go to the library respect the silence and respect the other people who by and large go there for a quiet time. However with the impeding chaos that is nearing and the  ghoul infestation of mankind rampant and being forced out into the open by the forces of light,my local library I have noticed has become a lot noisier of late. Sure the odd whisper and hushed short conversation has always been then and mostly accepted. Now however it appears more and more people are ignoring this once glorious ruling. There are now more than a few people who seem to hold full-blown conversations,harbouring no inhibitions. This in my view shows me the people who have lost respect for their fellow-man and woman. It is clearly marked in libraries and other places like it that quiet and silence is the order of the those of us that off handingly flout this, clearly show disrespect to others. Why is it so difficult for us to remain quiet and silent for long periods of time?

Moving on,it seems almost ironic that if you reverse the sentence “Silence in the Library” you get “Library in the silence”which is so true. If you go into your own silence and quiet time via meditation or trance,you will unearth a Library full of knowledge and wisdom that is waiting to passed onto you, inner learning that will be imparted if you decide to enter the silent library.Within the silence of trance and meditation you will find a plethora of spiritual insight and information, and we all need this information now if we are to prepare ourselves for the coming renewal.

I hope you find this within your own silent library,and remember nobody can disturb you here and not only that its open 24/7.

Tip out the toys have fun.

Kindest Regards



One thought on “Silence inThe Library

  1. I was recently doing a personal study of “gratitude.” I realized that respect was a natural product of gratitude, and I do not think people are grateful for much these days. They are too busy wanting more to be grateful for what they have. Naturally, this leads to an attitude of “its all about me,” which means manners are pretty much relegated to a by-gone era… or so it seems. Regardless of how we look at it, or express it, it does appear that subtle forces are building to a head.

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