We live in a world where fear is generated daily. We see it on the tv, read it in the newspapers, and listen to it on the radio. Fear of unemployment,inflation,health,war,murder,crime,violence etc..This fear lowers our spiritual energy, when this happens it is so easy for the ghouls to enter  through our lowered defences and  attack us, the darks forces feed off of our fear, it is their food,

This generated fear, produced believe it or not deliberately by the worlds established elite..helps to keep us controlled, and keeps the darks forces active, they operate hidden in the etheric and in the people they possess.

To protect yourself from major ghoul influence you need to raise your spiritual defences..and remove as much fear as possible from your life. Never unless it is absolutely essential read newspapers they are 85% fear carriers..the other 15% that is not is not worth the risk. Avoid the news on tv and programmes that generate extreme violence, fear and sex. Soap operas are full of fear, depression and controlling thoughts. Overeating increases fear levels as the body has to work really hard to digest large amounts of food, thus reducing its ability to protect you from the ghouls. Extreme heat or extreme cold acts a magnet for the ghouls,too much exposure to the sun dehydrates you and allows  for easy possession, how often have reacted irritably or worse in the extremely hot weather..how tired and drained have you felt..sunbathing is not worth risking..we are constantly fed stuff about the weather..and how wonderful we feel when the temperature soars..how odd, do not most of us actually if we are honest find we cannot perform our work or duties to the best of our ability in hot weather. Avoiding  large crowds as much as possible helps reduce us picking up on other people’s fear.

Ways to reduce fear are by drinking chamomile tea, use of lavender oil, breathe love,take walks in nature, meditate,pray,drink lots clean pure water, and avoid pornography and pot.. All these things done as  regular disciplines will not only raise your defences but also your perception and awareness, which eventually may allow you to see the ghouls and darkness for yourself. For now though avoid fear,and promote love,live clean,and have fun and laugh a lot.

I keep demons at bay by kicking them in the Ghoulies..

Love you

Fun as ever

Kindest Regards




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