The Financial Crises a Spritual Darkness in Collaspe

Good morning.

The financial crises a spiritual darkness in collapse.

Below is a list of the national debt of some of the worlds countries, as given by USDEBTCLOCK.ORG.

Public debt by country to GDP ratio

  • Argentina…50.6 %
  • Australia…28.6%
  • Brazil……..59.7%
  • Canada…..81.3%
  • China…….16.5%
  • UK………..83.1
  • France….87,8%
  • Germany.74.8%
  • Indina….50.6%
  • Ireland…142.9%
  • Italy…….119.1%
  • Japan…..194.3%
  • Mexico..42%
  • Pakistan.39.9%
  • Portugal..89.9%
  • Russia….11.3%
  • Saudi…..12.3%
  • S.Korea.22.7%
  • Spain….73.5
  • Usa…….85.2%

This insanity cannot and will not is mankind’s darkest throes of power,greed and control reaching breaking point. The entire system has been hijacked by Characters like the “Fat controller” in “Thomas the Tank Engine”..smiling and doubly nice outside, smarmy and two-faced within..who’s only concern is to exert more control over the general population in an effort to keep the system intact.

capitalism is only interested in making a profit…at all cost. Private financial institutions squeezing entire nations into bankruptcy and their people into enslavement. The financial system and those who run it are a spiritual darkness in collapse..egotisical leaders bowing to greed, corruption and control, by allowing draconian cuts to the detriment of their people. the majority of these people have sold their souls to the dark.

Fear not however, the forces of light are bringing them tumbling down. In preparation for this fast approaching collapse you need to keep as little money as possible in the banks and institutions, liquidate your pensions now, pension funds are on the verge of collapse,,keep your cash close at hand..hold gold or silver..downsize your property..renting is a good thing right now. Stay spiritually focused and be honorable,humble,compassionate,and spread love, joy, happiness and fun. Be ready to move at a moment notice..above all trust in your instincts,signs,visions, and percerption..god bless.

I checked my bank balance today..i have just enough in their to purchase a ticket on angel airways flight33 to heaven.

Take care

Kindest regards


One thought on “The Financial Crises a Spritual Darkness in Collaspe

  1. I’ve always thought capitalism should be put to an end, but no one listens. It’s time for something better, but these greedy bastards won’t allow it.

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