Natural Disasters


Natural Disasters.

Part of the cleansing of mankind and our planet will come via so-called natural disasters. IE: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,tsunami,s , hurricanes,tornado,s etc. To the collective mind events like  these are deemed natural occurences, a lot of these events can in fact be seen in the inner realms before they happen.. part of earth mother Gaia,s vengeance for mankind’s continued rape of her planet, will be her bringing forth such events.

In order to protect her children, the tree,s the animals, the birds, the insects,and plants, from further damage and harm she has and will unleash such things and a lot of humans will sadly lose their lives..this is a shame and I have and will have lots of compassion and love for those that do..but it is part of mankind’s karma for this to happen. Gaia has been patient for so long, and tried so hard and for so long to get mankind to change their ways..she is an amazingly compassionate goddess..but so many of us still carry the darkness of wanton and unnesscerary destruction of her children and planet,she now has to act and show us see means to protect her planet from sorry egotistical denomic humans.

I have continued the theme throughout my posts and works  and have reiterated many times on how to try to protect yourself from the impeding collapse and hurt that is coming. I cannot alter the world karma or destiny of mankind, it is not my duty,I can however offer advice and certain knowledge to my fellow humans and spiritual that you and they may move towards redemption and the end however it is your choice how you proceed with your life, and I will not infringe on that choice..i will say this, a life of spiritual perception and awareness is joyful,fun and loving way beyond anything that fame,fortune,and materialism can ever bring. for those of that are interested here is the links to two sites that will help you monitor tsunami and earthquake movements and sizes          and

 I feel for all of humanity..even the darkest ones because we all are    linked by an infinite spiritual beauty, that goes beyond this 3D bubble reality..whatever choice you make I wish you love and bless you with my heart.  

A true disaster was me missing my wife,s birthday..LOL..snigger..did not really.

Take care

Kindest Regards






2 thoughts on “Natural Disasters

  1. Last year hurricane Irene walker over us while she was still developing. I only pray we are spared this year. She brought torrential rain and flooding. I don’t know why, but I feel like this year will be a dry one.

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