The Feminine Spirit.

The feminine spirit

Hi everybody.

Today I am going to talk a little bit about the feminine spirit.It is a feminine energy that permeates through the etheric and in order for us males to understand women,we first have to understand our feminine energy. Trying to understand women from a logical 3-d reality viewpoint..wooo! impossible don’t go there fellas! LoL.

By becoming softer and embracing the gentler side of ourselves we allow the goddess aspect of who we to flow through in balance with the males yang energy.This creates a better you when presenting yourself to the harshness of our everyday world.

Respecting women is a good thing and a pretty good place to start from. I personally honour and respect all women, particularly those that honour themselves and roam around with grace and poise. Most of the answers that we seek on the etheric journey are contained in the feminine aspect and not in yang mode. A strong warrior male or female are pretty much all operating from an understanding  of and a predominate presence of the female force.

The female force is a combination of a contained power,ego and softness, achieving this stance everyday will eventually open us to a more graceful beauty that will bless you  in ways never thought possible by most of humanity.

Somebody asked me what is a good feminine spirit..I told them Vodka..I think?.

I bless you

As always have fun

Kindest Regards



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