Spiritual Honour and Promises


Spiritual Honour and Promises.

I am very careful when it comes to making commitments to people. when you commit to something be it getting something for some one or meeting people you are imparting a spiritual bond with that committal and your commitment is linked to your spiritual honour..the more you keep your promises or commitments the greater your spiritual energy resonates, whenever you renege on such things you are swiftly swamped with lower energy.

Your word is your spiritual bond, so you need to honour this, and only commit or promise to do things that you can and will do..the will doing is of vital importance..always be clear on this..idle talk or chat about you will do this do that will prevent you from gaining true spiritual honour ..only the actual completion of the deed will suffice…an example..if you book yourself for a job of work on Thursday and agree a fee of 300 whatevers, then a dear friend or relative ask you to do a job for them on the same day for more whatevers..you simply must refuse the second offer..no matter friend or not..you have given your spiritual word and honour to committing and completing the first job.

Also complete anything you say are going to do, no matter how hard or impossible it seems..overwise dont say it. Honourable beings always do as they say..of course there are odd exceptions like a life or death situation..but keep them few and far between..if a spirit of light being ask,s you do something, never refuse, and always complete the task…you are not only honouring yourself but also respecting other people and eventually the wonderful beings of light will open up even more to you.

“Yes dear I know..I will get around to decorating the Lounge”



Kindest Regards



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