Expansion of the 3rd Eye


Expansion of the 3rd eye.

We all have a 3rd eye , it is located at the centre of the forehead above the nose and between the eyebrows. It is also known as the sixth chakra and the penal gland. Indian women often decorate this area with a coloured circle.

This when activated allows us to access information and visions from the spiritual realms/dimensions, for most of us this part of ourselves is dormant,denying us the chance to see and become more spiritually aware. As we take a disciplined spiritual path we slowly begin to activate this spiritual seeing part of ourself and become more attuned.

The arrival of the “speckled mist anomaly”(see previous article )at the beginning of this millennium helped activate our 3rd eye allowing it to expand . This expansion is another sign of spiritual growth my symptoms of this were.

A slight constant headache type pain at the back of the neck, which slowly moved to the front where the 3rd eye is located, this was then followed by an intense feeling of pressure in the area..a pulse like sensation..then I felt the area expand..inward, outwards and in diameter, mine felt as if it at least tripled in size. Since then my ability to see and receive information of a spiritual nature has increased dramatically.

Now I know how Mad Eye Moody in the Harry Potter films and books feels, as his eye roams around in abandon.

Take care

fun and love

Kindest Regards



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