Hitler, Occultist and Dark Magician



Hitler, Occultist and Dark magician.


Adolf Hitler was a egomaniac, power mad lunatic, as well as an occultist and minor magician. Under his instruction the 3rd Reich used the occult for its own evil selfish ends. Hitler converted the Holy relics particularly the “Spear of Destiny”..the instrument used to probe the body of Christ while he was dying on the cross.


He (Hitler) and his henchmen understood the occults dark power that these artifects if possesed could provide. Hitler was well aware of the influence the jews had over Germany when he took power in 1933..this had a profound physcological effect on  him..being partially jewish himself he began to harbor a deep hatred of that part of himself, which he desperately wanted to purge.


This  deep rooted hatred and his passion for the dark made him an easy target for for ghoul possession..thus affecting his bubble 3D actions, his dark evil hatred was expressed externally ,the darkness in us dose this, it rises to the surface and we act out its wishes..Hitler thought he had no other option but to eliminate the Jewish threat to Germany, his inflated dark filled soul and ego would have it no other way. His soul by the time he came to power was covered in a layer of dark crust and was probably at this point beyond saving..untold innocent Jewish people perished, alongside hundreds of thousands of those who opposed him and his regime..this in my opinion was the beginning  of the 3rd age of darkness in  mankind’s History..A force of evil darkness that instilled that much fear into mankind..that the forces of darks creatures and ghouls descended in there billions to feed on that tide of fear..fear is the food of ghouls.


I dont like the nazi,s much…but they had wonderful tailors…already


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