Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th



Good morning.

Friday the 13th..seems appropaite for today

Most of the stuff regarding this day is linked with superstition, folk-lore and urban legend. The sixth day of the week is considered unlucky in Britain for example because that was the day public hangings took place and there were 13 steps up to the hangman’s noose. There are lots of these fun based facts banding around if you wish to check them out.

This is my view, is a known fact that there are 13 witches in a coven. In the days when witchcraft was regarded by the church as heresy  women deemed to be witches were rounded up and tested for dark powers…the church and its male dominated ego hierarchy had to show their power and authority and display to the general populace that they were fighting against evil and the devil, women in those days did not have any position in society, they were an easy target.

Most of the women persecuted were the wiser and more spiritually aware ones. They knew about healing herbs and lore and they would meet on every Friday the 13th to discuss their lore and debate new ideas and promote ideas that were different to the traditional churches approach about god and his healing powers. this got up the noses of the all-powerful male church “How dare anybody..especially women spread lies about god ” etc..This male order was in all innocence by these women challenged and the mighty  EGO and power fo the male could not tolerate that..ow no!! what did they do? , they went out and rounded up these mostly innocent women and condemned them in the name of god of doing the devils work. This was yet another act of butchery by the church and its egotistic power crazy control.

The churches and its council will soon be taken to book for all its hideous crimes, gods benevolence and love for all things is far beyond anything the church in its present form can understand.

Just to let you know there are 3 friday the 13ths in 2012 they are in January, April and July..Best nights for guys to hang around with women I say.



Kindest Regards



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