Hooray for the Bulls!


Hooray for the bulls!

Bullfighting is one of the most tragic, barbaric and violent of bloodsports.the Matadors parade around like egotistical kings and heroes..all the fights are stacked heavily against the bulls, who are forced to fight in a drug induced state.

When seen in mirror hell worlds where they reside, the souls of the Matador are sickly and corrupt with poison streaks. A few years ago all the major big named players in the bullfighting world were seen to be taken down in this world. Over the last year or so nearly all of the ten top ranked Matador have been hurt, maimed or seriously injured, as the bulls were taught in the spirit world on how to fight back..bull fighting is in retreat, as more of these elite Matador get hurt or  injured far more frequently now then they used to, fewer younger people are now willing to replace them.

The crowds have virtually halved due to the recessions in Spain, Mexico and other South American countries where this takes place, and Regional and local councils and even governments have either banned  or legislated heavily against bull fighting in general..the bulls are getting their revenge..it is written and told by Gaia that at least  8 humans will die for every bull killed in this bloodsport..the Spanish and others are paying dearly for this disgusting lack of respect for Gaia’s children..her revenge is not to be messed with.

Only Today 14th january according to the internet newspaper Huff Post World..Spains famous matador “Julio Aparicio” was gored through the chin and seriously injured…this is yet another example of gods work in progress..Hooray for the bulls I say.

The only bullring I have seen is the one in Birmingham UK..and thats no bull.


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