The Key A guided meditation.


The Key (a guided meditation).

This is a guided meditation you might like to try. This is a very effective way to help enhance your senses and lead you to the next step on journey. It is my own revised version of an old technique.

First you need to find an old key that you have lying around, preferably one of those old  iron ones that has  a round end. Sit down and place the key in your right hand holding it loosely. do a few relaxing breathing exercises and close your eyes gently going deeper and deeper into a meditative state.

See yourself going down circular stone steps deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth. Count the steps slowly as you go down 1,2,3,4 etc till you reach 33. You have reached the bottom where you now see yourself standing in a passageway that stretches into the distance. On each side of the passageway are doors that are locked..pause breathe deeply.

There are 33 doors in this passageway, slowly begin to walk towards the first door on the left hand side, the doors are spaced 33 steps apart..count as you go. Upon reaching the 1st of the 33 doors, feel the key in your hand and with your senses try to feel if the key will fit the door…do this with truth and honesty,if it feels alive and tingling, then try it and if it opens the door enter. If it does not feel right move onto the next door 33 paces up on the right ,and do the same again ..continue doing this all the way until you genuinely feel the key urging you which door to not rush.

Once you are satisfied which door the key opens, enter through it , stop and see where you are…take in everything you see, this is your stuff, this where you are meant to be at this time. Spend some time exploring, listening and opening yourself up to everything..when you have the information you need..slowly exit and re-lock the door. pause for a few seconds before making your way back along the passageway to the foot of the stairs you came down..and begin your climb up them again, counting as you go to 33. When you reach the top pause and slowly begin to close yourself down as you come back to 3D bubble reality..ensure all your chakra centers are closed before slowly getting up and finishing this exercise.

Only those of 21 or over can do this exercise as that is the age you get the key to the

Take care

Have Fun

Kindest Regards


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