Pantheons of Gods


Pantheon of Gods.

Throughout history great nations and empires have had worshipped various pantheon of gods and goddess,s. The romans had theirs ..Jupiter and Juno king and queen of the gods, Neptune  god of sea, Pluto god of death, Apollo god of sun..etc. The Greeks had Zeus and Hera as king and queen of their gods, Poseidon god of Sea, hades god of the underworld, and Athena the goddess of wisdom. The Egyptians had Ra the Sun god and Amun for creation, Isis the god of magic, Thoth god of wisdom and Osiris the god of death. The Norse of the germanic tribes had Odin and Frigga as King and Queen of the gods and goddess,s, Thor god of sky and thunder, Loki the trickster and god of sly,and of course the Valkyries warrior goddess who carried the dead warrior’s to Valhalla.

The Hindu gods are different as they are the only pantheon who are worshipped through a religious bearing..and although they are numerous they only have the one god as creator..Vishnu , he created Brahma and Shiva ..jesus was an incantation of  Krishna and buddha was originally an Hindu god. Kalki is the tenth incarnation of Vishnu.

Of all the pantheon the Hindu gods are the ones who fight darkness and evil in the inner worlds and as far as I know are the only ones who really exist..the other gods and goddess,s are all different aspects of  the Hindu gods..they are pure light beings  and no force or power on earth can touch them..they lead the revolution against darkness..alongside the spiritual animals, Gaia, the angels,the christ consciousness and untold other spiritual beings that have not yet revealed me anyway. although not an Hindu I love and respect them with all my heart.

the only innu,s I dislike are innuendos …

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One thought on “Pantheons of Gods

  1. Aum,
    Your description of only one creator God, Vishnu, is the belief of one of the many schools of Hinduism. People who believe that Vihsnu is the ultimate creator are called Vaishnavas or Vishnavites. Saivas believe that Shiva is the ultimate God, and the Vishnu is just one aspect of Shiva. The Smartas believe that all Gods emerged from the ultimate formless brahman.

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