The Ruling elite and forces of darkness, wish to enslave mankind-slavery is one of the tools they use to control millions of people. Despite the efforts of thousands of dedicated people, many hundreds of thousands of children are forced into slave working conditions throughout the world, particularly in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, working in appalling conditions for little or no money at all.

Yesterday the Labour party opposition leader in the UK “Ed Milaband”..who is jewish, publicly stated that British workers should take pay cuts in order to save their jobs..millions of UK workers are already working for the minimum enslaved wage of £6.20 per hour

historically slavery has been going on for centuries, it has never really gone away..but the history books have omitted one important truth about the start of slavery..Black people have been feed a hideous lie about white people introducing slavery over black people in Africa and elsewhere..slavery was started in Africa by the wealthy black tribal leaders who took and enslaved the poor blacks of lower caste and different tribes and then sold them on for pure profit to whites..this does not excuse white people for their participation in this barbaric inhuman act..but for the black people to truly find themselves they need to understand this, so that there racial ego are not whipped into a frenzy against whites, the dark forces have and will continue to manipulate this in an effort to spread malicious hatred..trying to split humanity in bubble 3D..when in fact we are all spiritually connected.

Whites have paid a huge price karmically for their misguided people need to heal themselves and face up to their darkness, learn compassion and forgiveness, as we all do, so that human ity as a whole can move on.

Q=Who,s head of world control?

A=Mr S. Lavery.

Love you all

Take care

Kindest Regards



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