Taking Responsibiltiy


Taking responsibility.

Our way of life is on the verge of dramatic change, and as this happens we need to  take absolute responsibility for our life,s choices and actions. responsibility has always been an integral part of spiritual being, and I am even now amazed at how many people lack in this area. responsibility is about encompassing and dealing with everything that happens to you in your life, regardless of the circumstances, and not relying,depending or blaming anyone or thing for the situation.

Every choice you make will bring responsibility of some sort, and it is essential that you absolutely accept without question any consequences of your actions and deal with them honourably and respectfully.

A big thing around at the moment is that concerning PIP,s or breast implants, apparently there is a flaw in one of the products on the market, and it seems nobody wants to take responsibility for the situation. “Personal responsibility” in this case for those who are unhappy or concerned about the situation..is simple..”pay to have them removed”..end of move on. Demanding that government health systems and therefore tax payers pay for the removal is denying responsibility for your actions..you chose to have them.take the responsibility of your decsion..getting all bitter about private companies refusing to pay for the removal or whatever is denying personal responsibility..regardless of whether they should or should not..you have to accept this situation as part of your freedom of choice..even if it is outside influences deem not to be doing what they should..that is their responsibilty ..do not take on board other people’s responssibilty..they either take it or not, always deal with your own, no moaning,no fuss, just personal honourable action with humility to resolve the situation.

So when making choices or decisions always make them without depending on anyone else to resolve any issues that may arise from them. Take full responsibility for your choices and actions expected or unexepected..it is nobody else,s fault if something bad happens to you..just resolve it and move on.

having said that I absolutely take no responsibility for the content of this article whatsoever..lol

Love as ever

Kindest Regards



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