Mankind 1 in billions.


mankind 1 in billions.

85-90% of mankind are unaware of how miniscule and almost insignificant human beings are in the infinite scheme of things. There are billions of beings, creatures,and species that exist in gods great creation, of which we are 1, 1 in billions, very small, yet most of us are very high and mighty..its a  shame really.

As you begin to see beyond bubble 3D, you take on a much more subtle, submissive humility, as you realise the vastness of everything and how perfect, loving and compassionate god,s energy can be. A blazing warmth that reduces the ego to the size of a grain of sand..its is a very humbling honour to be I n its presence, even if it is only probably a fraction of a percent of the whole thing.

We really do not understand the knowledge and wisdom it is way beyond anything that one who has not really experienced it can  much is kept from us, because we simply are unworthy and unable to its compassion for us it refuses to give us more than we can handle..its almost laughable to think that angels are evolved human beings..maybe after many millenia..our spiritual evolution is slow painful, and yet absolutely necessary ..this life is one that throws us into a hell world of restriction, and it is our duty to evolve beyond it, no matter how hard, tough or painful it may be.

In the realms beyond ours, there are incredible beings..the bees are way more beautiful and intelligent then we are, bigger then the average man..the scorpion is a vast creature that fights and absorbs black magic..horses,dogs,cats,wolves,the bull, the eagle,the owl, the dove,the lion, the tiger,leopard..the list goes on and on all evolving majestically. then there are the so-called mythical beings..the fawn,Pegasus, unicorn, phoenix, the Jinn, Centaurs, fairies, tree sprites, elvish type beings, gargoyles,harpies..both light and dark..then there are the gods and goddess,s an infinite amount all doing what they have do..led by Vishnu..all these and more are there in the beyond..all real and vast, ready and evolving..”Ow how I pity mankind sometimes”.

Someone said to me “You are a 1 in a Million”..I replied “never could I even come close to that”.

My blessings and Love

Kindest Regards



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