Being a vegetarian


Being A vegetarian.

Being a vegetarian is probably a good thing right now. If you are not, it is defiantly time to become one. Gaia our earth mother is playing a big role in the cleansing that is happening on the planet. By being meat eater you are eating Gaia,s children, the animals, and like any mother Gaia is upset by this, she is angry and in a lot of pain..her suffering at the brutal killing of  millions of her children is immense right now..she has been extremely patient, hoping that enough of mankind would have evolved sufficiently to understand that we do not have to eat meat to survive.

The meat and butchery industry is worth hundreds of millions of $&£ worldwide, which is why it is hs nothing to do our necessity for animal flesh…It is insane that we kill untold animals to satisfy our greed and glutton lust for food that we do  not fact we only need to eat 1 or 2 small amounts of food a day, and all the essential vitamins and stuff we need can be found in rice,grains,pulses,beans,vegetables and fruits.

Gaia,s wrath will be raw and devastating, you need to be on her side and love and support her and her children to increase your chances of survival, she is a compassionate goddess, those of us that wantonly kill her children, hardly show her and her children respect and is time to do so.Gaia,s revenge is soon. I used to think even eating tiny bits of meat was ok….I was flat-out wrong period.

“The lunch bell as just gone…Gaia,s stolen it.


Take Care

Kindest Regards



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