More Fascism from Washington


More fascism from Washington.

The continued move to outright fascism is once again evident in Washington. A bill to allegedly stop online piracy on the internet is being introduced. This bill will in effect make it almost impossible for any new data to be shared freely.

This bill is nothing to do with priacy-it is purely being brought in to censor freedom yet again-piracy is about honour and responsibility-if people are not taking that responsibility, that’s sad..they should!-but no laws or regulation will change that-as I have said responsibility is about individual acts of honour and respect.

The more you watch and observe, the more barmy and insane it will get–Washington is surrounded by a fascist dark cloud-in a way this is positive, because in the end fascism has to run its course in order for it to be finally crushed.

In e–d–g  I mu– s-y..damn the censors got me.

Love Take care

Kindest Regards



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