Financial crises a microcosm and macrocosm example


Just two days ago I suffered a personal (microcosm) financial crises. My debit card was used fraudulently. Because I only keep a small amount of funds in my account, the cost to me (if any) will be tiny..i have mentioned many times in my posts, that this financial system is ending for collapse, and have stressed time and time again to my readers to downsize their holdings,and keep little cash in banks or building societies..keep most of your cash close to hand , and put some if possible in solid gold coins kept close at hand…the less you have in financial institutes the less you can lose when it goes belly up…or when the banks close there doors to withdrawals.

Around the same time the IMF (international Monetary fund) announced that the global financial system(macrocosm) is in deep trouble and that most nations will have either stalling or falling growth. Then the Uk treasury revealed for that for the first time their debt reached £1,000,000,000 individuals we cannot stop this financial can however put in or begin to put in place some measures that will help buffer you from the collaspe..I once again urge you to remove the bulk of your funds from banks and building societies, cash in your pensions, keep cash will need at least 6 months salary in hard solid cash..more if possible to survive when the time comes..sell your property, rent and be ready to move quickly, if you wish to survive the coming crises.

I Love mini macaroons..and I love macro macaroons too.  

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