The Moguls are coming


The Moguls are coming.

Under the leadership of Genghis Khan the moguls become a powerful empire and lean mean military machine, that was feared throughout Asia. Most of the tribal Towns and villages would know the moguls were coming, this gave them a chance to move to a place of safety. Those who stayed were responsible for their own fates.

The situation in today’s world is very similar to the coming of the moguls A volcano for example is the static mogul while it is dormant-when it is about to erupt, with today’s technoglogy early warnings of any imminent eruption can be given (hey the moguls are coming)and often people can be evacuated in time..thus avoiding loss of life.

Early Warning systems are in place for earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunami,s your chance,s of  not being around when one of these disasters strikes is reasonable at least, if you choose not to stay. why on earth people still stay in areas when told to leave is only an egotistical, pride, and craving attachment to their possessions and home etc..if you are fluid, have cash close at hand, and rent your current home, you can easily move. If you stay however you have to take responsibility and risking an attack from the moguls , proved the undoing of many hundreds of thousands of life

These EWS however are far from perfect-so to combat this you need to have a little help from spirit…the more you raise your inner perception and awareness, the more you begin to sense danger around you. this helps not only in your ordinary 3D bubble life, like helping you to avoid dangerous situations when out shopping or whatever-but at higher levels your sharpened E.S.P will aid in sensing the onset of an impending disaster will sense the coming of the moguls..some of you may even get visions of such events. When this happens it is time to up sticks and move to a place of safety. With this inner sensor there is no reason to rely on outside influences or luck or whatever…open up to god and spirit and the inner information, god speaks to us..and safety will always be possible.

“the only person ever to defeat Khan was Captain Kirk in the Star Trek film “Wrath of Khan”

Take care


Kindest Regards



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