Time: past, present, future

Good morning

Time: past,present future.

Time in the etheric spirit worlds I believe dose not exist..when in them you lose all your limited 3D bubble conceived concept of time as we know it. Hours seem to be only minutes when back in bubble 3D, time seems to expand:

In order to try to understand this try this simple exercise. Take an ordinary clock and place it on a table in front of you, relax for a few moments before moving closer, then look at the clocks second-hand and focus your attention on it..listen to the sound of the ticking as you do so..as you watch and listen you sense how a second suddenly elongates and strecthes..it will seem to last much longer then we normally perceive.

As your awareness expands beyond bubble 3D you it dose not take much to realise that time actually stretches into infinity, thereby virtually stopping.

In the 26 dimensions that are known to exist in our universe there are some (possibly all I don’t know) that exist in parallel with our ours..where things are happening simultaneously ..some of these dimensions are in the future, some operate in the past, and others still appear to be in the present..a few even defy the past present future syndrome and are indeterminate and unknown to me. But all three aspect of time as we know it past present and future are in fact jogging along nicely with our own reality.

BY god is it that late already…how time flies

Fun fun

Kindest Regards



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