An appointment with death


An Appointment with Death.

This is my version of an ancient fable from Arabia. I think it illustrates our obsession with death and fear.

Long ago there was a wealthy merchant who had some business in Bagdad. He decided to stay at the most luxurious hotel in the city. For three days he went about the city finally on the fourth day he concluded his business deals and tired and weary went back to his hotel for a well earned rest. Next morning he went down to breakfast as usual, as he sat alone at his table a figure approached and stood next to him..thinking it was the waiter waiting for his order he looked up and found himself facing death himself..”No no2 he screamed “it’s not my time, I am not ready”…in fear he ran from the room.

Within minutes he had packed his bags and fled on a lone horse as fast as possible into the desert wilderness..for six days he rode non-stop, deeper and deeper into the hot never ending sandy waste. Exhausted, hungry, thirsty and near death on the seventh day he came to a beautiful oasis, where the flowers flourished and fruit hung on the trees and bushes, and in the centre stood a lovely cool pool of pure fresh water..on his knees he crawled to the safety of this wonderful place..reaching the pool at the centre he drank thirstily and  submerged his head beneath the cooling healing water, allowing it wash the days of dirt and grime away..having done that the smell of the most exotic fruits made him realise how hungry he was, he picked up a pineapple that fallen close by and ravenously devoured it..”paradise ” he thought”thank god and Allah I,m safe”..after a few minutes he felt more revived and sat he did so somebody slowly entered the grove.

When the traveller looked to see who it was, he froze, there was death standing there in front of him “You” he gasped “how come?..I left left you behind in Bagdad”. Death smiled and spoke softly”that you did my friend..But i did not come for you in Bagdad, my affairs were with were was not your time, and you were not Bagdad your were appointment with me is silly of you to rush to your own demise…I am patient, you had plenty of time left…but once here at the place designated for your end…I must take you.”

Amazing how we create our problems through fear, haste and misunderstanding.

I,ve got an appointment  in two days…a dental appointment, same difference really.



Kindest Regards



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