Planet Earth

Planet Earth

Good afternoon

Planet earth

This planet that we live on Earth is a thing of incredible beauty with its lush flowers,trees.plants,rivers,mountains,valleys etc. It is home to an untold variety of living species of which we humans are only one. We have the audacity to claim this planet as our own and in doing so have over a period time   polluted and defaced it and its other forms of life. Untold animals have been killed,millions of trees have been demolished and the waters have been contaminated,in pursuit of power and profit.

We are born on this plane to try to evolve to a higher understanding of evolution. Due to mankind’s low-level of spiritual evolution we have easily been corrupted by darkness, and this has led us on a path of destruction. Planet earth is really only a stepping stone for us to evolve and either move forward to a higher level of awareness or move aside to another plane of learning, we are not meant to destroy it and its other doing so we are forcing Earth Mother Gaia and the beings of good and light to act and protect her children and their home.

There is a war going on between the ghouls of dark and the light forces,once the ghouls and demons have been taken out, all of the humans who are heavily infested and controlled by the ghouls and dark and have committed foul deeds will follow. Only those who have managed to evolve enough and understand that we are low-level spiritual beings brought here to learn and grow and climb the evolutionary ladder will survive and see this planet in new light.

I love this planet and everything on is a beautiful stepping stone to be protected.

God bless

have fun

Kindest Regards



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