Spirit of the Wolf

Spirit of the Wolf

Good afternoon.

Spirit of The Wolf.

Grounded sturdy and grand, proud, playful and ferocious at times, this is the wolf. Powerful and protective in its ordered society. Grey,silver,white, beautiful in colour alert,graceful,and majestic, king or queen of its own habitat, vibrant and ominous. All these things and more, much more identify the individuality of this wonderful animal.

The incredible ordered society of the wolf is remarkable..the placing of the alpha male or female at the head of the family or pack..the discipline and trust they put in each other..I truly love the wolf.

Spiritually the wolf is even more exquisite and stunning it is one of the guardians of the spirit realms ..part of its duties is to guard and protect the shimmering doorways and dimensions beyond..it will challenge anyone whose soul is not pure enough to step beyond the door..Its glowing powerful energy will push back those of us who are tainted with too much darkness. A remarkable task of spiritual trust, given to a creature who deserves its stature in its evolved state.

The wolf is a splendid and magnificent example of the feminine aspect, Clarissa Pinola Estes has written a wonderful book entitled “”Women who run with wolves” It is about the wilder side of women a natural creature , a powerful force..all the aspects that the  wolf possess

“the only other thing that I now that has  wolflike abilities is “Security officer “Wolf” in Star Trek.

Fun and Love

Kindest regards



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