Auric Resonances


Auric Resonances.

We all have a spiritual energy field around us known as an aura, this aura is often a map of thoughts and feelings surrounding us, and is our connection to vastness that lies beyond our general is often located about 1-2 inches from the ear, and can be felt or seen in most people, a gentle downward probing with open hands around the top of somebody head will enable you to feel some bodies aura, or you can even do this on yourself.  you can also see people s auras in subdued lighting.Through the use of Kirilan photography , images and photo,s of the aura can be readily uses electricity instead of light to get its images..I had mine last done about 15 years ago and it cost me about £6.00.

Our Auric energy field resonates in both 3D bubble reality and in the inner realms, and everyone’s is of varying strength and power..the more connected to the god force you are the bigger an area it will was said the buddha,s aura in 3D bubble was five  miles wide, and could be felt when he was approaching a town or village.

Our aura resonance goes out into the spiritual, inner dimensions and collects information..particles of spiritual dust get attracted to its magnetic pull. About a year ago when in trance I was taken by the guardians of light and shown the inner aura resonance of a well-known mystic, who I trust and believe, it shone brightly and encompassed an enormous area..I was humbled and in awe by its purity and made me acutely aware of how much more we humans can evolve beyond the mudane..It takes dedication,practice, discipline, bravery and an incredible amount of painful endurance to reach the level of this person i was shown..and my love, honour, respect and compassion for this person is total.

I am not an  auraothority on this subject, but I am getting stronger..

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