Remaining neutral


Remaing neutral.

Part of spiritual growth and understanding is to gain the ability to remain neutral to all situations that occur. You need to have the knack of being non-judgemental, and non-emotional about things..good or bad. To get to involved in something emotionally is allowing the ghouls and ego to take control of the situation..Always remain calm and neutral when it comes to world events..these are things that you cannot control..what you can control is your reaction to them and how you either deal with it or protect yourself from the outcome.

The more aware you become the more you will get an insight as to what is really happening, and about to happen, this will either be made clear to you by the forces of god and light or come from some other learned human who tries to inform us of the way forward. By learning detachment, neutrality, and being non-judgemental you can more easily access a situation or world event without it messing you up big time. This is so important..a clear relaxed, stance is vital in understanding how events will pan out..things are going to become very uncomfortable for mankind in the coming few years, many millions will panic , so it is imperative that you personally remain in contol of yourself, and do not become involved in any kind of mass hysteria..perception and awareness are the keys to this and these two tools will help you prepare and protect yourself from the coming Armageddon.

Laughter and fun are two other important tools in dealing with frustration and ugliness that we see, be childlike..not childish..have fun, laugh a lot, be playful. alert, relaxed and at the same time guarded of other people, never let anybody willy nilly into your loving, but soon as you sense any continuous negative vibes from others..politely move away…do not judge, confront, or diss them..simply move on. never get to excited about good fortune either..its equally as disruptive..because things do not stay good forever..things happen, there is a constant evolving, if you remain neutral you cannot be drawn to far down the path of complexity.

Be ready out there.

Hyde…jekcl is coming…eeek//lol

Fun fun

Love Love

Kindest regards



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