Our Dopplegangers in the Mirror World.


Our Doppelganger in the Mirror world.

A Doppelganger (german for double walker) is a paranormal double. In the mirror world we all have one..it is in fact our shadow opposite self that operates in these realms. The mirror world is a realm that exists simultaneously to ours and yet things are totally different, it is a kind of future where the things that our shadow self does kind of rebounds back to us here.

By stepping into the mirror world and therefore your mirror opposite you can often see events that happen and they can be described I suppose as a future happenings..your shadow doppelgänger goes about its daily life and by becoming one with this part of ourselves you can traverse the mirror world and operate in  it.

In my article Mirrors I explain how you can step into this world and watch what is happening. Also by accessing the speckled mist anomaly which is detailed in my article “The speckled Mist Anomaly” you can watch and see the mirror worlds..it is weird, wonderful, and important that you access this realm , it will not only help explain a lot of things that  happen to you in 3D bubble but also help you understand things that happen or going to happen on this planet.

I kindly ask you to try to access the mirror worlds and see for your self, strange stuff is about to descend upon this planet and unless you aware of certain things, it will be very hard for you to make it through the tough times we heading for..this system and all it stands for is collapsing, all evil will be wiped out, as the great clean up begins, why not try to become part of it..walk away from this system as much as possible..cleanse yourself, be humble,honourable,respectful and loving…or not the choice of course is yours.

My initials are gg..and funnily enough in the mirror world they are gg.


God Bless

Kindest Regards



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