A Personal Example of heightened Awareness.


A Personal Example of Heightened Awareness.

When you take a disciplined spiritual path to redemption you heighten your perception, awareness and esp sixth senses. This is an important aid in keeping your safe in this world. As you attune to  the higher concsious vibrations your energy begins to speed up. Lets say for example that the average speed of bubble 3D reality is 50..when your energy levels are vibrating at this speed you leave yourself open to attracting all people and events that vibrate at that speed..which is almost everything worth avoiding..and you have little or no protection against it.

If however you raise your energy levels and speed to say 80-100 you begin to pull away from low events and people that exist at 50, 60, and 70,thereby virtually illiminating them from your life..low level events include mindless violence, common diseases, murder, muggings, etc. The reason for this is that all things and people moving at 50-70 cannot pulsate at higher levels for very long they have to drop away..and your energy field strengthens and acts as a barrier to protect you from them..warnings kick in , you get ominous feelings about things etc.

From time to time I use a computer shop, internet cafe in the local high street..yesterday being in the vicinity i made my way to the shop with every intention of using its facilities, when something prompted me to stay away, I get this sign a lot and always trust it, so i changed my mind and went to have a coffe instead. While I was sitting having coffee and doughnuts there was a big incident in the internet cafe I would  have been in the windows and doors were smashed and broken and somebody was liying outside bleeding and badly hurt. I do not know as yet exactly what happened..but the police taped off the area and an ambulance was present, and all kinds of mayhem was afoot..my heightend perception and awareness kicked in and prompted me to avoid entering the shiop..thus keeping me from any potential harm and involvement in something that had nothing to do with my karma or growth.

This is just one personal example of how if you put in the effort god helps protect you..its beautiful, magic, and well worth the effort needed to attain this gift. Very little if anyhting that happens to us or in the world is coincidance..you either sense danger or dont.

I am aware that this article has gone on a bit longer then most of  my others..but hey..knowing this may save you from a lot stuff that could harm you..

PS..the abc spelling programme is not working at present..I will re-edit spelling etc, tommorow or whatever.



Kindest Regards



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