Who Said?


Who Said?

Who said spirituality was easy?-dedication,effort,patience,pain,frustration..it is all of these and more. Who said mankind can destroy willy nilly?-murder, slaughter,war, pollution, violation..it is all of these and more. Who Said the churches are the sole route to heaven?..when there is buddha, Mohammed, Shiva,lao tsu and many more. Who said the politicians can be can master of our destiny?…corruption, greed, theft,lies, control..it is all of this and more.  Who said financial fat controllers and money men can enslave us for profit, gain,wealth and egotistical bloating..for it is all this and more. Who said we are to hate, destroy, pillage, rape, kill,steal,and dishonour one another?..for it is this and more.

Many may have..but believe me it was not god.

…who said my dinners in the dog…my wife.

fun fun

love love

Kindest Regards



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