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The mirror is a very mysterious thing, they are also useful as an aide for spiritual developement and can be used in a myriad of different ways. The use of mirrors when doing affirmations for example is a good  wayto empower them. By doing affirmations in front of the mirror you the send the words and sound vibrations into the mirror world beyond and they resound around your opposite mirror world self,making a deep impression on it. It also allows you to see your own reflection to your affirmations and thereby giving you more clarification on  how you really feel about what you are saying. Saying “I love you” to your reflection can suddenly become really awkward or strange.

Mirrors are a gateway to other dimensions and you might like to try this simple exercise that I adapted from one I originally learned from Stuart Wilde that worked very well for me in my attempt to understand other worlds and dimensions. Stand in front of a full length mirror about five feet away,gaze at your reflection for a moment, still your mind then remember that your reflection in the mirror is in actual fact your mirror world self,as you do this visualise your reflection/mirror world self walking away backwards from you ten paces or so. When this is done slowly walk towards the mirror and gently try to push yourself through, as you do so turn around 90% and walk backwards through the mirror until you feel yourself entering the passageway that leads to the dimension beyond. Do not look back at this point just focus on the glass in front of you as if you are looking into the room you started. Walk back about 10 paces and stop. Feel around you with your senses and try to remember the sensations you get, breathe deeply and do not panic too much.

After a few minutes walk forwards again and upon reaching the glass once more turn 90% as you push yourself back into the room you started. When back slowly turn and bring your mirror self/reflection back towards you. Breathe slowly , relax and return to the everyday reality of 3D bubble land. this may take some practice before you get it right, but after a while you will.

One more thing with regard to mirror work, that you might like to try. Sit down in front of a mirror, ensure the mirror you are using has a black surrounding background. Place a candle in front of the mirror at about mid-point between you and the mirror itself. Light the candle and turn out the lights, now sitting look into the mirror about six inches above the flame, and look at your reflection.. After a few moments you should see a number of different faces, each one behind the other, some will be normal, others not so,some may well be hideous, this is the many faces of yourself being shown to you and are images of how you look in the mirror worlds. Some say that these are also the images of how you were in past lives and the number of faces present represent how many past lives you may have lived, this may well be true, I don’t know? You can learn from these images however by trying to identify the various aspects of yourself, particularly the more darker ones.

Right I am off to see if I can learn about myself in the British newspaper “The Daily Mirror”.

Take care

Fun fun and more fun

Kindest Regards



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