Nicolas Flamel (alchemist) 1330-1418?


Nicolas Flamel (alchemist) 1330-1480?

I love stories of this type of illustrates just what mankind can achieve when they dedicate themselves to something mysterious and compelling..and proves we do not have to rape, murder, kill, molest children, be angry all the time, dishonour and hurt others..and proves life is never boring.

Nicolas Flamel is probably the most famous alchemist known to mankind. He was born in France September 1330, he married a woman named  perenelle. He was originally a bookseller and as a young man he was said to have bought a 21 page manuscript from a nondescript man, that was meant to be the book of the jewish seer “Abraham the mage”. This book is meant to contain among others the secrets of alchemy which is the  art of turning stone in gold and coal into diamonds, and the formula for the elixir of life..a brew which is mean to keep us forever young.

Flamel it is said first turned stones to silver in 1382..and then not much later produced gold. he was dedicated to the two main themes in the book “The philosophers stone” and “The elixir of life”..he spent his entire life to the study of alchemy and never gave up on his dreams and work…he was supposed to have died in 1418?

In the 17th century Louis v1v sent an archeologist Paul Lucas on a mission to the east to gather information and documents that could help France move forward in scientific matters.  At a place called Borussa Paul Lucas met a philosopher in Turks clothes who spoke every conceivable language known at the time and had the appearance of a man who did not age..he was told by this man the story of Nicolas Flamel and more importantly “That flamel had gained possession of the book of abraham”..which nobody before this knew..and he was told that both Nicolas Flamel and his wife Prenelle were still alive…there have many other accounts confirming this…what a thing?

“I have been rubbing this stone for ages….I hope something happens soon..the rent  is due.

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