Truth and Lies


Truth and Lies.

Politicians are trained in the art of lying, if they told the truth they would either not get elected or soon lose their position of power. They have groups of people around  them instructing them on how to conceal the truth or evade direct answers–I call these masters of deceit “Polietcians”..most of them will brought down–lying rots the soul (even if done with the best of intentions) and should be avoided at all cost–the trouble with the truth however is that often is not what people want to hear and 2. it can hurt people’s ego and emotions..which is why it is extremely difficult to write or talk about true spirituality ..most of us have a very fixed concept about spirituality ..and sadly it is often wrong or misled.

Most of the spiritual new age teachers around today are locked into the system of controlled thought and keep the truth from us..they will only take you so far down the road..they do not break down the barriers to truth and real spiritual freedom and heightened awareness..they  stay in the wishy-washy stuff based around lovey dovey positivity to them it its safe and earns them lots of money.

Spiritual truth does hurt, because it means facing up to ones own darkness and the darkness that surrounds us..but in the end spiritual truth is far more fulfilling and beautiful then going through the spiritual motions and getting nowhere.

I hate lying around ..truthfully.

Kindest Regards



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