I am a vegetarian and have advised that it is best for you to do likewise. The reason for this I have expressed in other posts.

When it comes to our eating habits most of us eat far too much then is really needed. We have been Fed (pardon the pun) by media and society to over consume and eat , almost to greed and gluttony proportions. I watch when in my local supermarket and see the frenzied way in which  people shop..they fill huge shopping trolleys to the brim. Most of this food is totally not needed.

In general all we need per day to sustain us healthily and keep us lean and fit is two small plates of food per day. Generally speaking a breakfast and a main early evening..or skip either of these and have a small light lunch. Try not to eat after 7pm if possible..this gives your digestive system time to work before going to bed. The odd treat is ok..if you are truly disciplined in your eating habits..mine is doughnuts  or something similar once every couple of weeks.  Eat hot food in the winter and either raw or cold dishes in summer to supplement this you need to drink around 3-6 litres of natural pure mineral water per day. if you drink coffee keep it to no more than a cup a day and try not to drink it after around 2pm.

Soon due to over consumption, disasters, and droughts etc..there will be a food shortage..if you are used to only eating small amounts of food it will help you greatly to get through the tough times ahead..begin to reduce your intake of food slowly at first..but do do will be surprised at how your body and craving for food will adjust to its new levels of protein…if you find it hard to stop buying loads of  food, think about the hungry children who need feeding and give  the excess to food organisations who need it …a selfless approach.

“please sir can I have less!….said bumble to Oliver Twist.

Take care


Kindest Regards




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