For The Children


For The children.

I breathe love, work, purify myself, spread hope,. I pray, invest in life, try to maintain the beauty of the planet,sustain myself in healthy wonderful ways and try to create a brighter future. I hug, cuddle, have fun, laugh a lot, keep my life simple, I learn, I understand, I watch, I grow,I admire, I grin, I smile, I fall in love, I ache, I get angry, I get upset, and feel pain. I climb trees, I grow plants, I have a dog and a cat. I have compassion, respect, and allow freedom, I guide, I instruct, I learn more, I glow, I cry, I scream and shout,I protect, I embrace joy, I open my heart, I support them..not only my own..but all of them..I do all of this and more for the children.






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