Give a little bit.                                                                                                                                    

Give a little bit of your love to me.                                                                                       

Give a little bit.

I,ll give a little bit of my love to you.

There is so much that we need to share.

So send a smile and say you care.

Lyrics from “Give a little bit”…by supertramp.


Softness is such a beautiful thing, it is the feminine part of ourselves that heals and takes us down the path to redemption. It is empathy at work..that understanding of others and the pain that mankind goes through.

Mankind can be truly horrible and F***** up most of the time..but despite this as people we still need to feel compassion and be softer towards others..You can be soft and loving to somebody without letting them mess up your neutral at the least..speak softly and without judgement about are not the only person who,s troubled..understand others and you will find out more about yourself.

Let others do as they wish, with a softness in your heart, because in the end if they refuse to change their destructive habits they will  suffer greatly..and it is it really cruel to add to another’s pain and hurt..leave it be..try to lift other people with this gift of  feminine softness and compassion..the more you open your heat and allow softness into your life..the more you will move away from the destructive harshness of the world.

We can as humans achieve so much, compassion, softness, and understanding, are wonderful and beautiful traits of our feminine side, and although they have been hidden by darkness and lies and inflated egos, with an open heart and bit of work on your part they can be released and by doing so you will begin to understand that nt matter how corrupt most of mankind are,we are in fact loving caring and beutiful..i just hope that more of us realise this soon..otherwise those who do not..will find the coming few years very tough.

I squeeze my  teddy and know he,s a softy at heart

God bless

Kindest Regards




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