I do not write a lot about  this subject but will cover the basics just so that my readers can get a better understanding of the subject. It is advisable to avoid taking drugs if you are serious about your spiritual journey and redemption..having said that.

Dope, pot,skunk..etc….Damages your etheric and kills brain cells, as well as making placid and docile and paranoid. It opens you up to easy ghoul possession . Offers no spiritual growth whatsoever.

Cocaine, Charlie, Coke…Burns your insides,causes extreme high blood pressure and nose bleeds. accelerates the heat rate, heightens excitement and increases the chance of a heart attack dramatically. Avoid if possible.

Heroin..H..etc..I dont know a lot about this drug..only that it is highly addictive, short-lived and can bring about great depression and body deteriation..absolutly a NO NO.

LSD…A powerfull hallucinogenic that downloads copious amounts of  etheric images and inforamtion..mostly misleading, causing overload to the brain, hysteria and false god like ego beliefs..long term flashbacks are associated with this drug..best avoided.

Uppers and downers(pills and capsules)..Causes Depression or Euphoria by raising or lowering your emotional levels..never a good thing spiritually or otherwise.

Now on Ecstasy Acid, smiley..etc….a lot has been said about this drug..they say 2-3 people a week die from ecstasy use..this may be true..but around 2-3 million people in the Uk use this drug every wekend..so what percentage is 2/3 people out of 2-3 million..1% is 10,000.. so the risk of actually dying from Ecstasy is extremely low..and most of these deaths probably come from taking a dodgy dose..I do however have compassion for the family and friends of those who have died from this. Ecstasy is a love drug..it contains MDNA which is a natural endorphins produced by the brain..it helps to open our heart..which in my view is no bad thing..if you do take this drug however use caution, do not use regularly as a recreational thing..occassionaly only, and refrain from taking more than 1 pill at a time when you do..also only buy off of somebody you can trust..do be careful.

I now have to do the legals..”I do not recommend the use of any drugs whatsoever..etc,etc,etc….”

Take care

Love Love

Kindest Regards



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