The Symbolic Sword.


The Symbolic Sword.

In trance a couple of days ago I saw a sword it was surrounding in a swirling mist and only recognisable by  the outline that glowed from its ruby coloured hilt…this vision seemed to me to be the representation of all the swords that have exsisted throughout mankinds history in legend , myth and Lore…the sword truly is wonderful symbolic sign of spiritual and mgical energies from forces beyond our everyday comprehension..and they all carry wonderful tales of heroic deeds, as well as others of evil and despair..the sword is the vessel..we as the carrier are its actions..for good or evil…Because the sword holds great symbolic power and spiritual value..we can use it for good or bad. bellow is a little bit of information on several of these legendary swords..I thank for providing some of this information.

  • Excaliber: This is sword given to King Arthur by the lady of the lake, which he used in battle..some say its the one that mordred used to kill him with, although I think that was Clarent, the one Arthur removed rom the stone.
  • The Flaming Sword: According to the bible a cherub with a flaming sword was placed at the gates of paradise after Adam and Eve were banished. “he placed at the East of the Garden of Eden cherubiums and a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life!…Genesis 3.24
  • Zulfigar: Owned by the Musilim cleric and warrior Hazrat Ali..presented to him by Mohammad himself.
  • Kusangi-No-Tsurungi:  Japanese sword known as grass cutter..this was used by the warrior Yamato Takeru, he was led into a tall grassed battlefield trap by a warlord..and used the sword to cut down the tall grasses, in doing so he found he command the wind..this is one of the 3 imperial regalias of Japan.
  • Sword of Damocles: From Greek mythology this sword hung above the Throne of Dionysius 11 by a single horse hair..Damocles inspired by the lavish lifestyle of his peer, asked if he could sit on the throne for a day..he was allowed to do so..when he see the sword dangling overhead he realised just how dangerous his peers lifestyle was…Cirero said the following “Ther can be nothing happy for the person over which some fear always looms”..and anhtor saying with a slightly different moral..”the value of the sword is not that it falls, but rather that it hangs.”
  • Shanghar-e-Zomorrodnegar: This is the emerald studded cshort curved sword in persian originally belonged to King solomon.
  • The glory of 10 Powers;..A legendary sword from China, created in Tibet by a two magicians who were husband and wife who followed the ancient BON tradition..the power of their love enaqbled them to embue the sword with protective ablities.
  • Gram sword: From Norse Mythology..Sigmund removed the sword that Odin plunged into the tree of life. 
  • the sword of Charlemagnes Paladin Roland..and was once supposing owned by hector of Troy.

  This is just a short summary of the many swords that have supposed to have weilded the owner or maker great power, protection and knowledge through history there are many more..every major nation, and religion has had one or more associated to it…we all have our own within us..if you already posses yours then used properly it can only help you on the road to light..if you have not found or crafted yours yet..maybe it is time you did…the sword is indeed very powerful use it wisely and well.

“I dont often use the S-word”…

Love you all

Take care

Kindest Regards




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