Healing humanity…the next evolution.


Healing humanity..the next evolution.

Over the past couple of days I have been busy in the process of helping my wife heal herself from a stressful situation she has found herself in..as an ex cancer sufferer..she has to be very careful to avoid stress giving events….i have also had visions of a mass healing of humanity..although it looked en mass to me..it was probably only a small percentage of mankind..5% or less maybe..but hey this still around 250-300 million people….Imagine the entire population of america being healed of all there..ails.

The point I am making is that nothing happens in life by chance..my aiding  my wife in healing followed by the visions of healing..all mean something…it comes back to microcosm and macrocosm….a singleular event linked to a much bigger one…this leads me to believe that the beings of light are offering one last chance for humanity to redeem themselves..from what I know and have seen and experienced this is probably the last chance saloon for those who wish to and have not..and those that started the process to evolve and understand even more…time is without doubt running short..but a lot of the heavenly healers have returned to earth..with a few more on the way…this is big time redemption…the spiritual healing consciousness is upon us..this is the next big evolutionary healing process for mankind..their is a window here for those that what and need it to take it…has to how long this window of opportunity will remain..I am not sure but I figure probably 3 or  so years..it aint gonna be around for ever…and once its gone..Gias,s and lights assault on world ego darkness will be unstoppable..amd only those that have truly driven themselves to a purer, simpler, compassionate, softer soul and lifestyle will survive.

\\”In London there is a place called Ealing…this sadly  is the nearest most people have been to redeeming themselves.”

Love and best wishes

Take care

Kindest Regards


PS..i am thinking  about having a day of healing and have a few ideas to try..if any of my readers are interested then I would be glad to hear from you…please send me an e-mail stating interest by the end of March 2012.


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