Is there a financial and political conspiracy to rule the world. Below is something you might like to ponder although this had been known for a while.

“Illuminati”..meaning enlightened (Latin).

Spealt Backwards itanimulli..written as web link

for those  among you who are interested in things like this type in the address and see where it takes you..My link from here after much testing did not work  which I found this strange, weird and interesting..make up your own mind.

“Shhh..i am being watched.”


Take care

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3 thoughts on “Conspiracy?

  1. I want nothing to do with the evil corrupt souls that run the governments of the world. I can get all the answers I need Universe providing. Its easier to filter the truth when its pure than looking at the lies behind the truths that make the truth seem like a myth…….if ya catch my drift 🙂

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