Celestial Light


Celestial Light.

The majority of mankind has buried the celestial light within themselves-this pure god essence of who we truly are, particularly the so-called world bigwigs, the bankers, politicians, world leaders, financial fat cats, church leaders etc. They have allowed themselves to wallow in there their own cesspit of garbage, which is free food for the darkness and ghoul,s and therefore they have become prime targets for ghoul infestation-this makes them cold,calculating,greedy and cruel and without compassion.

Despite this the celestial light is sparkling and shinning and willing to  bring us all back to purity and understanding of who we really are. However the further you are from the celestial light within yourself, the harder it gets to return to the source. Sadly for most of the worlds egotistical and powerful , it may be too late ..even if they decide right now to change their ways and allow the celestial light to rise within them-time is very limited now as the forces of light strip away the power base of  ghoul dominance.

No matter how evil somebody is, they still deserve a another stab at redemption, and as a human being I do feel some compassion for them, and maybe if they truly dedicate and discipline themselves they might make it, for without a doubt the celestial light within us all, will if allowed come and help-its,s compassion, care and softness for us is unrivaled but it cannot fight its way through ghoul infestation without being asked by us..we have to ask for help, part of our freedom is our choices to make decisions and ask for things .

I do know the celestial light and forces of god will prevail and the world ego and all its trappings will fall..and as it does so all those who are still bloated and full of themselves and coldness will go mad as the darkness and its protection is stripped away. All those of us that are around after the event will be better for it.

“In order see the light i have put this is bold type..i hope it helps light your way.”

God bless

love love

Kindest Regards




One thought on “Celestial Light

  1. I agree 100%. Almost all human’s are in amnesia from the source. Too blind with two eyes open to sit and reconnect with God and his power. If you will, Please read some of my posts I’v been very interested in hearing what people like us have to say to the things iv recently been in touch with.!! Don’t give up your instincts for anybody and keep doing this because each person that sees it may find themselves awoken from a horrible nightmare.

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