Healing Herbs and Plants


Healing Herbs and Plants.

As healing seems to be high on the agenda at the moment here is a little bit about healing herbs and plants..I am not an expert, so this list is by no means complete and comprehensive..its just a guide to help you understand this subject a bit better.

Wormwood:..A rustic herb, grey-white in colour.

properties:..contains absinthine, bitterish glucose, vitamins B6 and C. Treatments:..Digestive tonic,liber insufficiency, anxiety and gout.

Barberry:..A thorny shrub with yellow flowers, small red fruits and leaves, found hedges, parks and gardens.

Properties:..The bark contains alkaloids and panines..the fruit contains, glucose, fructose, malic acid and pectines and vitamin C. treatments:..Recommended for diarrhea, fever, anemia, hangovers..and is effective against malaria, lung infetions..it also reduces blood pressure.

cowslip:..A small herb with golden-yellow flowers.

Properties:..Vitamin C, Beta Carotine, calcium and sodium. treatments:..Ling disorder, lowers cholesterol, insomnia,gout, arthritis..when used as a tea it good for people who suffer from heart problems.


Properties:..Volatile oil, vitamins B and C. Treatments:..tumours, scabies, rheumatism, back ache, small wounds and acne.

Lady Mantle: A lush green herb with petals..  Properties: Mineral salts and Hormones. Treatments:..this one is for the ladies..it helps adjust hormonal irregularities..and helps in the healing of wounds.

St Johns Wort:..A perennial plant with 5 petals bright yellow in appearance with small black dots.  Properties:..High concentration of Melatonin.  Treatments: this was until banned by the authorities used for treating depression.

“I have a runny nose…IF your nose runs and your feet smell..are you built upside down.?

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