Lost in the Wilderness.

Good morning.

Lost in the wilderness.

I have been on my journey for 21 years now, during that time I have often found myself confused,full of doubt and alone. I call this state of being “Lost in the wilderness”, because that is exactly what it feels like. It can be very demoralising and sometimes you get an ache of self-loathing and hatred for yourself,you feel as if despite your best efforts ,nothing is happening.

This state of “lost in the wilderness” i believe is part of the process of our growth, it is designed to show us first of all patience and secondly to remind you that this journey is not always easy, we all have a vast amount of darkness and shadow within ourselves that needs to be addressed. the old saying “patience is a virtue” is so true when it comes to understanding the inner worlds and the information that comes from it.

Any of us on a journey of understanding will at certain points reach the state of “lost in the wilderness”. this may already have happened to some of you , when it does you simply need to remain focused,determined and aware , no matter how much pain or loneliness you may feel,and above all you must be patient, time is so different in the inner plains and by being an eager beaver you will most probably miss a very important message or lesson , if you remain true and honour and trust  god and learn patience you will find your way again.

Must dash, it is rush hour…Tee Hee LOL

Love and fun

Kindest Regards



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