In order to help understand our spiritual and ether journey, I think it is important to know a little bit about all subjects that can be deemed spiritual,magical or is to do with the dark forces that are out there. Hence in keep ing with this philosophy I am writing this post.

Firstly Halloween is one of the most celebrated days of today, second only to Christmas. It was originally a pagan holiday for honouring the dead and known as All hallows Eve and can be traced back some 2,000 years…its roots came from Northern Europe were they celebrated a festival known as Samhain.

Halloween  is a festival that has its ideals and roots in witchcraft,death and the summoning of evil spirits…todays so called playful celebration is a big ploy by the controlling influences of the dark to make children think ghouls and creatures of the dark are fun and mean no harm..and to try to get them to believe that they are not real..they are real and they mean us harm..almost anything that is promoted by the controlling elite as ok and fun is often deadly and dangerous. There are enough evil and dark influences out there attacking our spiritual energy and defences without promoting a festival that says spooks and ghouls are fun and ok.

It may seem harmless enough fun..but demanding a treat dressed as a ghoul or spook and tricking people if they do not give ..seems to me to be miles away from true spiritual love and awareness…I advise you protect your children from this open darkness and keep them safe..but of course that is your choice.

Let children have proper fun..like conkers,marbles,hopscotch,food fights etc..and if your a fun person join in to..like in the film animal House “FOOD FIGHT”..TRUE CHILDLIKE FUN.

“Witch one of you want a kick in the ghoulies”…lol

kindest Regards



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