Knowing the Unknown


Knowing the Unknown.

Throughout history mankind in general has had very little knowledge regarding the unknown secrets and mysteries of spirituality and god. We have either been arrogantly ignorant, not bothered or deliberately misguided and kept from the truth. There has of course been exceptions and mankind has perhaps produced a few thousand men and women of exceptional awareness and wisdom, who have moved beyond the mundane and tapped into this vast well of infinite hidden knowledge..helping to make it more accessible to us today via their visions, writings, and teachings,,Lao Tse, St Theresa, Hildegard of Bingen,and others began to know the unknown and fragments of this information became more easily available.

From the age of six or seven I always felt something was missing from our society, and I knew there something missing at a deeper level in my life..I knew and yet did not know..I wanted to unlock this blockage within myself. It was only when I reached around 29/30 years of age that I really decided to devote myself to knowing the unknown. Thanks to people like “Shakti Gawain”, Carlos Castaneda, Dick supthen,Stuart Wilde, Denise Lynn, and others I have penetrated to the very depths of myself, and after many years of discipline, devotion,trust ,faith, trial and error and many mistakes, I have reached a somewhat evolutionary point..the barriers between this 3D reality we live and work in and the vastness beyond have began to break down, and information has become available to me.

Fear is the greatest barrier to stopping us from getting true awareness and accessing the downloads we need. Most of humanity are in a deep stupor as to the truth and 80% or more would deny the truth if they knew through fear..denial is safe to the majority, safety is our key concern, we all like to feel safe and protected, that’s why we put up with endless mind control and brainwashing of government after government, and accept being ripped of and conned by the bankers..lied to by the media and corrupted in our spiritual values by the churches and other organisations…promises of safety and fairness..gut wrenching paranoia laws brought in on the pretext of “In the public interests” this, do that and you will be safe, we will protect you if you surrender everything to us..etc etc…it is all lies..and yet it is lies that most of us want to hear..if a politician told the truth he would not get elected…how amazing is that!!

Knowing the unknown can be achieved by almost everyone, but the real truth will and has frightened many off the must be strong of heart and have very little opinions,if you do make sure they are ones that  do not cause you to argue …let everybody be right, it is off little consequence if people agree with you or not..for in the end I know the truths that have been shown me..through my own endeavours, with guidance and instruction from a few well learned others, and everything I have seen and experienced I know to be right…it is time t]for you all to begin knowing the unknown and watch as the world ego and out of control humans fall apart…Gaia, and Hindu gods, jesus, and the light of Mary, and thousands of other light beings are bringing the chaos of mankind and humanity to an end…keep true,humble, compassionate,love, and breath light…and bring the unknown into your life….

“I know nothing…except that knowing nothing is the best stance in life.”

Love you all

Take care

Kindest Regards




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