The Purple Flame.

Hi there.

The Purple flame.

The purple flame is truly magnificent, a beautiful perfect representation of the colour, tinged with heavenly light and pulsating clearly and powerfully. It is the holy power of ascended master “Saint Germain”the French alchemist. It protects and heals and helps transmute negative karma.

It is the holiest of colours and its flame is a symbol of light,hope and purity. Those who align to a gentler, loving,compassionate and purer celestial path in life can benefit and get near to its purest form, it acts as beacon and leads you through the tunnels of etheric darkness,,by embracing this element of power you move  more easily through the matrix that imprisons us to a place of serenity, peace and safety.

Saint Germain earned his command over the purple flame and now uses it to awaken and guide others into his army of flame light warriors. You can try to embrace and evoke the purple flame for yourself, by sitting in a meditative position relaxing and repeating an evoking chant over and over, whilst visualising yourself entering the purple flame. you can use such phrases as “I love and evoke the eternal light of the Purple flame”or “I humbly ask for the blessing of the eternal purple flame”say the phrase 3 times x 9.

“Flaming that violet coming down the road?”

Fun as ever

Kindest Regards



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