Spring- the season of re-awakening.


Spring the season of re-awakening.

With mid March comes the spring equinox, signifying the re-awakening of life. Spring is a joyous wonderful time as everything begins to burst back into life and flourish anew. The glistening buds on the tallest trees, the wilting petals of every flower, the subtle change in color, as they awake and prepare for the new season. The birds chirping in glee, the greener lusher grass, a warmer brighter sun, a breeze that reflects,as the winds blow in the change. Earth mother Gaia,s magic as she administers the changes  like a conductor leading an orchestra. the new born lambs, calves, birds and insects. yawning flowers, plants and saplings. everything natural to the planet reacts to spring coming.

The beginnings of a more subtle beauty, then  winters splendid spellbinding harshness, a softness, less intense, charming time to look forward to as colors change from brown, grey, and green to a multitude of more vivid brightness..a time to act after hibernation, to have shaken all the dust and grime of the past year off of oneself and renew..composure, softness, raised energy and awareness.

OH the joys of spring..enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

“After the winter I put a new spring in my bed”.


Take care

Kindest Regards



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